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Perception is a powerful thing. Protect your brand’s reputation with AdultBlock — specially designed to make sure your name is used how you want it to be online. Avoid the risk of cybersquatting and domain phishing, while protecting your brand’s intellectual property for up to 10 years.

What is Domain Blocking?

Reselling domain blocking services helps your customers protect their brands, while helping you boost revenue.

Domain Blocking is a form of brand protection that secures trademarks from abuse by blocking the ability to register a keyword under a specific top-level-domain, which in turn prevents unauthorized usage. It’s one of the most cost-effective ways to protect a brand from online abuse. It was first introduced by ICM Registry in 2011 for the launch of .XXX, known as Sunrise B blocks. However, since .XXX Sunrise B blocks expired on December 1, 2021, the new, improved, and more far-reaching product successors have stepped in: AdultBlock and AdultBlock+.

Understanding AdultBlock and AdultBlock+

AdultBlock and AdultBlock+ products are rights-blocking services provided by the ICM Registry specifically for brand holders. Those services provide trademark owners with enhanced rights protection in adult-themed domain name spaces.

Both products block domain registrations where domains are not currently registered, including premium domains and future registrations of already registered domains. For registration and renewal, both products are available from 1-year up to a 10-year period.

AdultBlock: Allows you to block domain registrations with exact match terms across four adult themed TLDs: .ADULT, .PORN, .SEX, and .XXX.

AdultBlock+: Allows you to block domain registrations with exact match terms and its variants across four adult themed TLDs: .ADULT, .PORN, .SEX and .XXX. The level of protection is increased with this option, as it also has the ability to block all variants that are confusingly similar to the trademarked term (for example: duplicate characters, missing characters, or misspelling).

The variants covered are all labels in a given SMD file, plus all additional look-alike names generated using the Unicode Consortium standard, including homoglyphs & IDNs (which could potentially tally in the thousands for each label). To check all protected variants for a given trademark, please check out the ICM variant search tool. This service allows you to protect your brand from reputational damage, cybersquatting, and phishing under these TLDs.

Product Benefits

  • Brand owners can protect their brands intellectual property from 1 to 10 years
  • Both services allow brand owners to block premium domains at no extra cost
  • Domain managers can quickly and easily protect important domain assets
  • A brand owner can proactively protect their brand against risk of reputation damage, brand confusion, cyber squatting, and phishing by blocking trademark labels across 4 adult-themed TLDs
  • AdultBlock customers can experience large savings when comparing the cost of defensively registering each of the domains
  • Customers using AdultBlock+ no longer need to choose which domain labels they want to protect their brand against, as all labels and variants are covered

Product Features




Block the label across all 4 TLDs YES YES
Premium domain name blocking YES YES
Blocking of domains when they become available YES YES
Variant labels in SMD file NO YES
Unicode variant blocking, including homoglyphs & IDNS NO YES
Labels covered 1 UNLIMITED
Registration periods 1 to 10 YEARS 1 to 10 YEARS

Who is eligible?

  • Any brand who participated in the original dotXXX Sunrise B
  • Any brand who has a current Signed Marked Data (SMD) file from the Trademark Clearinghouse (TMCH)

Interested in learning more and discussing how AdultBlock may be a good fit for your domain offerings? Our team would be happy to help. Please reach out to us anytime at [email protected].