Control Panel

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Experience reselling made easy with the CentralNic Reseller Control Panel

The CentralNic Reseller control panel provides an outstanding platform for your online domain management business.

With a responsive interface, intuitive functionality, smart features, and customizable display, the CentralNic Reseller control panel has it all to keep your business successfully on track.

Meeting the needs of resellers, registrars, and domain investors managing large domain portfolios, the control panel takes complex background processes and makes it simple. Whether checking in from your mobile device or working on a desktop, you’ll have the tools and views you need to take care of business, quickly and easily.

The control panel’s UI allows you to intuitively find and use all functions.

Not only will you be able to enjoy complete management of your domains, name servers, contact, and account information, you will also have access to all CentralNic Reseller services. The control panel offers complete integration of our hosting products and SSL certificates, the management of Trademark Clearinghouse Records (TMCH records), an extensive multilevel sub-reseller system, a lucrative aftermarket platform, and much more.


Infinite Scrolling

The list view of domains and other products offers the convenience of pagination (page numbers), along with a scrolling option. Users can easily scroll through the entire domain portfolio from top to bottom or jump directly to the desired place by selecting the corresponding page number.

Right-click option

Similar to a desktop program when you right-click on a product or domain within a list, a menu containing the most important functions opens up. If several domains/products are selected, the most important bulk functions appear in the menu after right-clicking.

Powerful bulk operations

Transactions such as transfers or modifications can be processed for thousands of domain names at once—quickly and easily. It is also possible to add bulk domain name registrations as well.

Security mechanism to protect your account

The two-factor authentication process provides protection for your account and assets. To use this optional security feature, you must install the Google Authenticator App onto your phone.

You can also restrict Control Panel and API access to your account by whitelisting only the selected IP addresses.

In-depth account settings and configurations

Control and adjust all of your global and individual account settings and configurations for your domain reselling business. Set their renewal and transfer behavior and WHOIS banner globally and per domain, plus get a full financial overview of all pricing, accounting, invoices, statements, and automatic payments.

  • A fully customizable dashboard
  • A Domain vCard with all relevant domain data and contacts readily available
  • Tagging and filtering capabilities to search for domains by category
  • Presets for domains, contact handles, DNS configurations etc.
  • An API wizard for direct access to the API via the control panel
  • Setup wizards for domains and hosting products
  • Auto-completion functions and support by help texts
  • Management of e-mail addresses for newsletters and maintenance alerts Access to our
  • Support Team within the control panel
  • Instant access to all of your documentation and agreements
  • Expired Registration Recovery Policy (ERRP) to help prevent unintended non-renewal of domain name registrations
  • GDPR compliant contact and disclosure functionalities
  • WHOIS Data Reminder Policy (WDRP) to formally remind your registrants once a year to review and update their contact information
  • ICANN Owner changes including Designated Agent mode
  • ICANN Transfer to send out Form Of Authorisation (FOA) mails to domain owners to approve or deny gTLD transfers
  • Contact Verifications to validate gTLD domain registrants
  • Claims Notifications to warn both domain name registrants as well as trademark holders of possible infringements