Trustee Service

Have TLD restrictions? Get reliable Trustee Service

  • Register domains worldwide regardless of your residency

  • Enjoy reliable local presence services for ccTLDs with geographical restrictions

  • Get full compliance with all registration policies without delay

Benefit from our local presence services

With using our Trustee Service, you can register domains in ccTLDs that have geographical/policy restrictions that may not otherwise be available to you or your customers.

Some national registries require the domains using their ccTLD to have a local contact address on record. This can be challenging if you don’t have a local address – this is where Trustee Service steps in. CentralNic Reseller offers reliable solutions for country-specific requirements and conditions, allowing you to set up and expand your domain offering portfolio beyond national borders.

Supported TLDs

You can find a list with all TLDs that are supported by Trustee Services on our CentralNic Reseller Knowledge Base.

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