Trustee Service

Have TLD restrictions? Get reliable Trustee Service

Register domains worldwide regardless of your residency

Enjoy reliable local presence services for ccTLDs with geographical restrictions

Get full compliance with all registration policies without delay

Benefit from our local presence services

With using our Trustee Service, you can register domains in ccTLDs that have geographical/policy restrictions that may not otherwise be available to you or your customers.

Some national registries require the domains using their ccTLD to have a local contact address on record. This can be challenging if you don’t have a local address – this is where Trustee Service steps in. CentralNic Reseller offers reliable solutions for country-specific requirements and conditions, allowing you to set up and expand your domain offering portfolio beyond national borders.

Supported TLDs

You can find a list with all TLDs that are supported by Trustee Services on our CentralNic Reseller Knowledge Base.

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