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CentralNic Reseller is THE portal for ISPs, Registrars & Domain Investors

Connect to the CentralNic Reseller METAregistryTM via our control panel or API through a variety of different API gateways, including EPP, XRRP, XML, SOAP, HTTPS and SMTP. All business operations through our METAregistry are completely automated, allowing CentralNic Reseller to offer preferred reseller pricing along with simple solutions to help your business get ahead. We support the EPP standard 1.0 and the RFC 3735, 5730 – 5734 standards.

Key-features of CentralNic Reseller:

  • Automated registration of more than 1,100 ccTLDs and generic domain extensions
  • All worldwide TLDs on customer request
  • Various gateways: EPP, XRRP, HTTPS, SOAP, XML-RPC, SMTP
  • Bulk updates via control panel and API
  • Full IDN support for multilingual domains
  • Anycast DNS hosting
  • SSL certificates
  • SMS solutions
  • RAM: Registry Account Management
  • Migration services
  • Domain aftermarket and auction services
  • WHMCS and HostBill plug-in, among others
  • Whois privacy, trustee service, full-fledged OT&E system
  • Name search suggestion tool
  • Hierachical Sub-Reseller System with whitelabel capabilities
  • Multilingual control panel & support
  • Monthly promotions, customized offers

The CentralNic Reseller METAregistry

The METAregistry Application Layer is the software kernel responsible for all registry/registrar/reseller transactions, including dispatching to the different registry handlers. The CentralNic Reseller system is an all-in-one solution that’s fully compliant with real-time specifications, offering the registration and management of domain names in real time, wherever the respective registry allows. Resellers can also benefit by using one of our real-time protocols.

For full details on each of our gateways, please visit our API Knowledge Base or reach out to us for more information. Sign up today to get the METAregistry working for you.