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    GlobalBlock and GlobalBlock+: The world's unified domain name blocking service

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    Support for nearly 600 domain name extensions, blocks can be activated for 1-3 years

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    Resell this value-added product to your customers, creating additional revenue opportunities for you

Discover GlobalBlock with CentralNic Reseller

GlobalBlock is the ideal solution for protecting a brand’s digital identity and providing peace of mind in an ever-changing online world.

With one simple transaction, GlobalBlock blocks all available names that match the brand so that no one else can register them, providing a new level of protection for brand owners.

In addition, the advanced GlobalBlock+ service goes one step further by automatically blocking “look-alike” variants commonly used in phishing attacks and other malicious activity. The blocking of all main labels and of homoglyph confusable characters is included in this service for even greater protection.

Resell GlobalBlock services to help your customers protect their brands while increasing your revenue.

Key Benefits of GlobalBlock and GlobalBlock+

  • Covers nearly 600 domain extensions and growing, including a mix of nTLDs, ccTLDs, and gTLDs
  • GlobalBlock and GlobalBlock+ can be activated for 1, 2, or 3 years
  • Keep brands safe from online fraud and associated reputational, commercial and technical costs
  • Minimize the amount of time and effort spent on defensive domain registrations
  • Avoid expenses related to legal actions, domain acquisition and brand monitoring
  • Prevent human error and domain loss due to accidental drops or deletions
  • Integrate with your service offerings: Resell this value-added product to your customers and unlock additional revenue opportunities for you!

Unique Features of GlobalBlock and GlobalBlock+

Automatic Protection
GlobalBlock captures all available names that match your trademark and places them in your account, preventing bad actors from getting their hands on them.

Global Coverage
With nearly 600 domain extensions from around the world, you’ll have unprecedented coverage in one simple and cost-effective transaction.

Domain Unblocking
If you have a blocked domain that could be useful to your business, you can use the GlobalBlock’s Domain Unblock Service. You simply submit a request and the domain is yours to use as you wish.

Priority AutoCatch
GlobalBlock monitors taken domains that match your brand name. When these names become available again, GlobalBlock automatically grabs them and add them to your account at no additional cost.

Automatic Domain Assurance
Mistakes are inevitable. GlobalBlock takes proactive measures to mitigate the risk of losing a domain name by capturing any domain that matches your brand when it accidentally expires or is deleted.

What is Included in the Domain Name Blocking Service?

Product Overview



Blocking across all available extensions YES YES
Premium domain name blocking YES YES
Priority AutoCatch of previously registered domains YES YES
Domain Unblocking YES YES
Blocking of all main labels included NO YES
Blocking of homoglyph confusable characters NO YES

Which Rights are Eligible?

The Brand Safety Alliance (BSA) is a new initiative that aims to increase collaboration between registries and create enhanced solutions for brand owners to protect their online identity. GlobalBlock is the first product of this collaboration, specifically designed to combat IP abuse. A BSA IPR (Intellectual Property Right) is required for orders for GlobalBlock Services.

  • An IPR will be automatically provided by the BSA for any customer whose rights have previously been verified through AdultBlock, DPML, MPML, or dotXXX Sunrise B (SRB) Registration
  • For new rights verification, a BSA IPR can be requested for a registered trademark, unregistered trademark, company name or celebrity name

Please note: Rights holders who have a valid Signed Mark Data (SMD) file issued by the Trademark Clearinghouse (TMCH) will not require a BSA IPR to be issued.

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Technical details about the GlobalBlock service can be found in our Knowledge Base.
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