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CentralNic Reseller’s WHMCS Modules Can Easily Help You Sell Domain Names & Services

As a preferred WHMCS partner, CentralNic Reseller empowers thousands of resellers with FREE WHMCS modules.

WHMCS is the world’s leading, all-in-one client management system for reseller hosting, including domain provisioning, client management, billing/invoicing, and client support solutions to help any business sell online. WHMCS resellers can go from set-up to selling hundreds of domains in minutes with CentralNic Reseller.

WHMCS ships with a pre-packaged registrar module for CentralNic Reseller. In addition, CentralNic Reseller has a dedicated development team committed to building feature-rich modules for WHMCS, including an enhanced version of the Registrar Module. With the value-added services provided by our own modules (like the ability to easily import your existing client data and migrate your domain portfolio), we have proudly developed a strong reputation for being responsive to user suggestions. By regularly updating our modules, we are committed to providing our customers with the latest registrar changes and usability improvements, to help save you time, money, and effort.

To take advantage of CentralNic Reseller’s advanced modules for WHMCS, please follow the links and instructions below to download and install our feature-rich modules (ID “keysystems”) into your deployment of WHMCS.

For full details, please read here.

CentralNic Reseller modules for WHMCS

Registrar Module

The Registrar Module is the base model that provides registrar services for users of WHMCS. This module connects directly to CentralNic Reseller’s systems providing WHMCS users with easy, cost-effective registration of domains with any of the Top Level Domains listed on our TLDs page.

SSL Module

The CentralNic SSL Provisioning Module connects to the configured Registrar Module, allowing you to register and maintain SSL certificates over CentralNic Reseller. This module provides a user-friendly interface to automatically import SSL certificates as WHMCS products. In addition, the SSL module gives resellers the opportunity to update prices based on current cost and configurable margins

Domain Import Module

The Domain Importer Addon provides a user-friendly interface for importing your existing domain portfolio from CentralNic Reseller into your WHMCS system. By simply using copy and paste, a list of domain names can be imported to WHMCS from CentralNic systems via the Registrar Module. The module automatically creates new clients out of the registrant contact assigned to the domains (if it does not yet exist). Alternatively, you can also specify a single client account to be used as an import target.

DNS Module

The WHMCS Addon for automatic DNS zone creation, upon domain registration, allows you to predefine DNS zone templates should be used when a new domain is being registered with DNS management. For example, you may want to forward traffic for a parked domain to a default website. Or, if a domain is assigned to a hosting product, you may want to use a specific DNS zone for the hosting product.

Domain Migration and Consolidation Tool

The WHMCS-based automatic Domain Migration and Consolidation Tool is made for migrations at the point of domain renewal. It helps minimize costs while providing optional customer communication within the migration process to avoid transfer rejections.

For complete information about the modules, please read our User Guide for WHMCS modules.