What are the requirements to become a CentralNic Reseller customer?

To qualify as a CentralNic Reseller, you must register at least 100 domains within 1 year OR transfer at least 100 domains to CentralNic Reseller after you sign-up. You’ll also need API access for your business.

What is the procedure to become a CentralNic Reseller customer?

In order to become an accredited Reseller Service Provider (RSP) of Key-Systems GmbH, the registrar of record for CentralNic Reseller, please proceed as follows:

  1. Please sign up to CentralNic Reseller by using our online registration form.
  2. After you have created your CentralNic Reseller account, you must complete your registrar data and charge your account with 75 EUR via one of the available payment options. Once that step is completed, you can immediately begin using our services.
  3. In order to get an unlimited and verified CentralNic Reseller account, you will be contacted by your Account Manager to clarify details, such as your expected domain registration volumes and the appropriate service structure for your business. In addition, you will receive the necessary contracts (RSP General Agreement, Confidentiality Agreement, RSP Data Info-Form) that must be signed and submitted via email, fax or post.

My CentralNic Reseller account says status “pending“. What does this mean?

It means that your account has been created but is not yet active. In order to take advantage of our services, please complete your registrar data and load your account with 75 EUR.

My CentralNic Reseller account says status “unverified“. What does this mean?

It means your account has been activated but your transactions are limited to the initial 75 EUR account balance. The amount of allowed API commands is limited as well, as you are in the Basic price scale.

As soon as your Account Manager has contacted you to verify your account, you will get an unlimited CentralNic Reseller account.

How can I start registering domains?

Please note that in order to register domains you have to fulfill two steps:

  1. Please charge your account with sufficient funds. As CentralNic Reseller is based on pre-payment, you must first load your account with a positive balance providing enough funds to process your registrations. As soon as a domain registration has been successfully completed, your account will automatically be debited with the amount due for the domain. We offer three methods of payment for a verified CentralNic Reseller account: credit card payment, wire transfer, and Paypal.
  2. Please ensure that you have activated all the TLDs you would like to register within ‘Domains -> Domain Prices’ in the control panel. Activate the selected TLD by clicking the ‘Activate’ button to confirm the TLD appendix with the registration requirements of the respective TLD registry. Activating simply means that you will be able to register and administer domains in the respective zone. Prices of domains (as well as prices of other services) can also be found at ‘Domains -> Domain Prices’’.

What are the methods of payment at CentralNic Reseller?

Your CentralNic Reseller account is a pre-payment account, meaning that you can only register domains if you have a positive balance. We offer three different payment methods for a verified CentralNic account:

  1. Wire transfer: Upon receipt of payment, the amount will be charged to your CentralNic Reseller account. Please use one of our bank accounts and choose between a EUR or USD account. Note: Please mention your reseller name in the reference field.
  2. Credit card payment: In the Finance menu of the control panel (below your account balance) you will see the option ‘Charge your account’. Here you can select credit card as your payment method.
  3. PayPal: In the Finance menu of the control panel (below your account balance) you will see the option ‘Charge your account’. Here you can choose PayPal as your payment method (PayPal account required).

What is the Account Service Fee?

To ensure that we maintain competitive and affordable TLD pricing for you, while investing in best-in-class products, services, and security, we charge an account-level service fee. This fee does not apply to all customers. In case your reseller account has a service fee applicable, you can choose between a monthly or yearly schedule for payment. In your Control Panel, you will have the option to switch between these (Click on the User icon > Settings > Paid Services). Please ensure that your funds are sufficient to cover the account fee.

How can I register domains through CentralNic Reseller?

You can connect to the CentralNic Reseller system either by control panel or API. The different API gateways are EPP, XRRP, XML, SOAP, HTTPS and SMTP (email).

How do I receive invoices?

Key-Systems GmbH, the billing registrar of CentralNic Reseller, sends invoices automatically by email. The invoices are generated on the 1st calendar day of each month and can also be found in the finance menu of the control panel, below your account balance. There, they can be easily downloaded in .pdf format.

Where can I find prices, passwords and API access data in the control panel?

Prices can be found in the Finance menu of the control panel, below your account balance, in the section ‘Services & Prices’. New passwords (also for the OT&E) can be set at ‘Account → Security & Passwords’. All access data can be found at ‘API → API Gateways’ .

Where can I find documentation and manuals?

We offer dedicated documentation and manuals for your convenience. You can find the following documents within the section ‘Downloads’ in the control panel:

Documentation / Software
Forms & Infos

In addition, you will have access to our Newsletter Archive.

Where can I find details about TLD registration requirements?

We maintain an extensive domain information knowledge base which provides detailed information for registering all TLDs in our portfolio. Please visit our Knowledge Base to access this service.

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