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How Can Resellers Use Upselling to Increase Revenue

When new registrars or domain resellers want to work with us, they usually start with one TLD. Small volume, small risk. They want to test our system and come with certain API and customer support expectations. Once new clients start using our systems, they realize the benefits: our API is one of the best in the industry and more sophisticated than their current infrastructure, saving them operational costs and staff. This frees up time and resources allowing their teams to focus on what matters the most: taking care of their customers.

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Customer Care is a Key to Your Success

Customer care can mean improving your customers’ positive experience by adding value to the product through so-called upselling processes. Useful add-ons and additional services that make a domain even more attractive strengthen customer loyalty and thus your sales.

Below we explain some of the options and strategies for strengthening customer loyalty and increasing your sales through upselling processes.

Domain Migration Services to Transfer Your Domains

One way to increase sales is to offer your customers a wide variety of country specific and generic Top-Level-Domains (TLDs). This is easy with our advanced registration system and as soon as new customers are convinced by the advantages of our CentralNic Reseller API, they want to consolidate everything into this single API, which is understandable and makes sense!

But now comes the tricky part, you think? Not really, because we have a solution ready: Our Migration Service allows us transferring the most problematic, large volume and complicated TLDs into our systems.

The Migration Service helps our resellers migrate TLDs to our system with as little disruption to their customers as possible. Our dedicated team provides step-by-step guidance on everything to expect during migration and is there to help until the domains are successfully migrated. Domain migrations, when executed strategically, can indirectly contribute to revenue growth by improving the overall online presence and user experience.

Read more about migrations in our blog.

Using Your Account Manager to Find Growth Opportunities

Once resellers have most or even all of their portfolio with us, they look for further growth opportunities to increase their revenue. This is where the Account Manager comes in and analyzes market statistics, competitors, registry marketing opportunities and customer needs to find lucrative opportunities for the reseller.

This can be anything from a marketing fund registry promotion that potentially brings in a lot of revenue, to a proposal to implement a TLD that the reseller does not currently offer but is doing very well in the market/ with competitors.

Our Sales team is always ready to discuss your needs and wishes and together we will get the best out of CentralNic Reseller for you.

Sell Popular Domain Services and Add-Ons to Your Customers

The next steps to increase the business scope of our resellers are our recommendations on relevant domain services and add-on domain products to keep the reseller’s customer engaged.

In the following we have picked three services that show a high potential to increase customer satisfaction and in the consequence your revenues: Registry Lock, Backorders, and SSL Certificates.

1. Registry Lock

Registry Lock is a security service that protects domain names at the registry level. It prevents unwanted changes to domain names, like transfer requests, deletions, and updates, by requiring secondary-level data authentication. Essentially, this service prevents unauthorized or accidental domain name changes or fraud.

What’s in for you offering this services? Satisfied customers on the one hand and additional revenue opportunities for you on the other hand through the fee that you can charge for managing this high-quality security service!

Read more about Registry Lock in our blog.

2. Domain Backorders

Domain names can be registered for up to 10 years. When the end of the registration period approaches, the domain owner can decide whether to renew the domain or not. If the registrant does not renew the domain, it will be ‘dropped’ and released to the general public again. If a client places a domain backorder for a name, the domain backorder system will try to acquire the dropped domain name in the moment it becomes available again.

Resellers that add domain backorders to their offerings can help their customers to get the domains they really want. Additionally, including domain names available for backorders in the search results on your websites creates a positive and actionable experience for customers. Last but not least, this service has lucrative margins that make it a perfect upselling product!

3. SSL Certificates

Anyone who sells domains should think about offering SSL certificates to their customers as well. These products offer great added value for your customers and our highly developed system allows certificates to be created and renewed via the SSL API and the CentralNic Reseller Control Panel.

An SSL Certificate makes a website more secure. It encrypts the data, making it safer for website visitors to share personal information, such as passwords, banking information and credit card details. Once an SSL certificate has been integrated, a website will be represented with an “HTTPS” rather than an “HTTP” domain, showing the visitors that their online safety and security will be valued. This is not only crucial for the website of your customers but also for your own online presence. A highly secure SSL certificate can lead to an increase in conversions, customer loyalty, and positive brand perception – all of which ultimately lead to revenue growth.

Read more about SSL Certificates in our blog.

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Using the Secondary Market

Once the primary market is optimized, we look at the secondary market. Without any extra implementation, we help our resellers tap into the secondary market, providing an expansion on existing product lines to the end customer while increasing top-line revenue. A special way to monetize domains that are already taken is our Expire Auction option.

The Domain Expiry Program enables you to generate additional revenue from domains that your customers do not want to keep by placing them on an auction platform. On average, the auctioned domains generate small to medium revenues, but in total they can definitely make a difference. Thus, resellers should not ignore this potential revenue stream from domains that would otherwise simply expire!

The great thing is that the effort required to use the service is very low. The service is automated and resellers only need to set a special renewal mode (ExpireAuction) for selected domains. The subsequent processes are fully integrated into the auction platform of our partner Afternic, one of the largest domain marketplaces in the world.

Create a Successful Long Term Relationship with CentralNic Reseller

After we have identified and discussed all useful upselling products and options with you, we continue to tweak and optimize these strategies, forming a successful long-term partnership. We are always here to help you to achieve your goals. At CentralNic Reseller, we say, if you grow, we grow with you.

We know how important it is to work with a trusted partner when it comes to reselling services. Find out how we can help elevate your business!

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