Shikha Sharma
Technical Product Manager

Getting Started with WHMCS

Our CentralNic Reseller WHMCS modules are designed to make selling domain names and services a breeze. As a preferred WHMCS partner, we provide thousands of resellers with free access to our state-of-the-art modules. With our extensive experience and dedicated team, we are constantly expanding and improving our modules to meet the evolving needs of our customers.

Discover the power of WHMCS software by reading our informative blog article. Learn how to easily start your domain reselling business and maximize your profits.

What is WHMCS?

WHMCS is an all-in-one client management solution that automates all aspects of managing a web hosting business. It easily integrates with any leading reseller hosting control panel and automatically takes care of customer billing and support. WHMCS is a centralized interface through which customers can purchase, receive invoices and contact the reseller for customer support. It supports more than 200 control panels and service providers.

Apps & Integrations

WHMCS has more than 200 native integrations included as standard, and many more are available in a marketplace.

Here are a few apps listed as examples:

  • Web Hosting: WHMCS integrates with web hosting platforms, control panels and related services for complete web hosting automation.
  • Domains: WHMCS is integrated with all major domain registrars to enable automatic registrations, real-time domain availability checks, name server management, automatic renewals and much more. CentralNic Reseller is a preferred partner of WHMCS.
  • Payments: Integrations with more than 80 different payment processors.
  • Others: In addition there are apps and integrations available for Security, Cloud/VPS, Marketing, Messaging and many more.


With WHMCS, you can enjoy a wide range of benefits that streamline your workflow and enable you to use your resources more efficiently to drive your business forward.

  • Save Time: WHMCS takes care of automating client management and related things so you don’t have to, saving you valuable time and money.
  • Automate Billing: With WHMCS you no longer have to worry about sending invoices, collecting payments, taxes, multiple currencies, reminders and more.
  • Access to Web Hosting & Domain Registration: Integrated with all the leading web hosting control panels and domain registrars for automated and real-time provisioning and management.
  • Powerful Support Tools: Integrated support tools provide you with a customer portal with features such as ticketing, knowledgebase, downloads and much more.
  • Developer-Friendly: Modular, extensible, well-documented APIs and ORM make WHMCS easy to develop and customize.
  • Secure & Scalable: WHMCS is a highly secure, reliable and scalable solution designed for businesses of all sizes and backed by an experienced support team.


The tools that CentralNic Reseller provides for our WHCMS management system are amazing in terms of the automation level they provide. In addition, the help of their support team makes everything much easier.

Javier Fuentes - Programmer, cyberneticos

Las herramientas que proporciona CentralNic para nuestro sistema de gestión WHCMS son espectaculares por el grado de automatización que proporcionan. Además, la ayuda de su equipo de soporte lo hace todo mucho más fácil.

Javier Fuentes - Programador, cyberneticos

How do I use WHMCS?

Getting started with WHMCS is easy. Just follow the steps listed below

  1. Purchase a licence: The journey starts with buying a licence for WHMCS. You can select a plan based on the number of expected clients which can be upgraded anytime.
  2. Install and configure WHMCS: You can easily install and configure WHMCS by following this guide.

Let’s sell the domains and services

Once you have successfully installed and configured your WHMCS instance, it is time to start offering domains and services to your clients.

Configure and activate the CentralNic Reseller registrar module: Domain registration is an easy product offering to increase your revenue. WHMCS automates this process with many popular domain registrars. To take advantage of CentralNic Reseller’s advanced modules for WHMCS, please download and install our feature-rich modules (ID “keysystems”) into your deployment of WHMCS. We have compiled the most important links for you here:

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